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We can supercharge your eCommerce sites, websites and applications

We have been working on eCommerce websites that connect to third party selling platforms like eBay and Amazon for clients for over 12 years, we have spent a lot of time developing bespoke code and API’s to make sure that your eCommerce selling experience is not only as fast as possible but also as efficient as possible.

We supply beautiful responsive websites for anything from a small personal blog or website all the way up to a full business website with integrations to third party services.

We have also started developing Android and Apple applications, these can also be a simple as a display app or fully featured applications which connect to to your website or other third party API’s.

[service title=”eCommerce” desc=”We create simple eCommerce websites or applications with a fast and easy to use control panel, we can connect to external market places like eBay and Amazon” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-shopping-cart” show_border=”yes”][service title=”Mobile” desc=”Using up to date web technologies such as Angular we create novel mobile applications to suite your needs” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-mobile” show_border=”yes”]
[service title=”Static Websites” desc=”We can create you a static website to show off your services or products complete with a admin control panel to keep your details or articles up to date.” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-desktop” show_border=”yes”][service title=”Hosting” desc=”From basic website hosting to Managed Dedicated servers, we can supply and help you maintain the infrastructure needed to keep your website online.” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-server” show_border=”yes”]
[title title=”About Us”]

Based in the Somerset and Wiltshire area, We have been working on eCommerce websites and third party selling platforms like eBay and Amazon for clients for over 10 years and have spent a lot of time developing bespoke code and custom apis to make the eCommerce selling experience faster and more efficient.

Our eCommerce websites can control stock, orders and messages on the website, eBay and Amazon sales and messages all from one place, we can also set up multiple different payment and shipment gateways.

Our static websites are normally based on the popular WordPress Content Management system, by using WordPress, we can provide a design that fits your business, while offering you the control to make changes of the content.  We can also manage any content changes on your behalf if you prefer.

Our Mobile websites and applications use the latest web technologies like Angular and Ionic Pro, we can create bespoke mobile applications for Google Android, Apple and Microsoft phones, these can be offline or online applications, or can even just download data as needed when the user goes online.

We often get asked for specialist bespoke systems for websites, for instance processing large data sets into products or eBay listings etc.

Do you have a special idea for your website or application? just ask and we will do our best to help you achieve your goals.

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[title title=”Application Development”]

In the last few years the the internet has once again evolved, more and more people are accessing websites on their smartphones, in response we have started creating responsive websites and Apple and Android applications for both online and offline usage.

[service title=”SYNC WITH THE CLOUD” desc=”Automatically sync content with your users application when user is online.” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-cloud-upload” align=”style-right”][service title=”DESIGN FOR SMARTPHONES” desc=”Create a more tailored design for your users smartphone needs” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-file-text-o” align=”style-right”][service title=”More Personalization” desc=”Offer better personalisation, matching users based on interest, location and usage” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-sliders” align=”style-right”]
[service title=”RETINA READY GRAPHICS” desc=”Sharp and clear content that will look perfect any device, screen and size.” icon_type=”icon_image” image=”244″][service title=”Brand Presence” desc=”Your application icon acts like a mini advertisement of your brand” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-map-marker”][service title=”Enhance Engagement” desc=”Smartphone users spend more time on mobile apps, with some studies saying they spend up to 86% of their time on mobile apps.” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-eye”]
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